Who Are We?

Jakeb Hone

Jakeb Hone


Director International Expansion and CFO

Jakeb is co-founder and the director of international expansions. A native of the United States, Jakeb grew up as a summer cowboy, spending his youth helping the family on the ranch rounding up cattle, mendin’ fence and digin’ ditch in the mountains of Idaho. In his late teens he became intensely aware of and interested in the world beyond the mountains of his home, and ventured out to explore the world. His first destination at age 19 was a 2 year stay in Western Russia teaching English, building orphanages, and being a motivational speaker. Jakeb studied International Relations, Russian and Arabic at Brigham Young University.

More crazy adventures as a retirement consultant.




Legal Liaison

Co-founder and Legal liason of Koranin Kittibhon – The registered business by which Thailand Base operates, Keng is a native of .. Province of Thailand the land of smiles. Speaking both her native Thai and fluent English with an exotic twist of British, American and Thai accent, Keng has a striking demeanor, strong confidence and sweet attitude which has propelled her through business and legal world where strong, trusting relationships are key to cooperative success.